Dan Pederseng
March 25, 2011
Buy out a model of Samsung in the land of China Brand and scale are the main reason of cooperating

Yesterday, the intersection of telecom and the intersection of market department and relevant person in charge, land of China, reveal telecom, land of China, already reach and shut the agreement with Samsung, buy out three and a stellar model E598 for the first time, this model has been already arrival of the goods at present, begin to open and sell in every gate shop of telecom of land of China. As to this, the analyst in the industry shows, all the time, Samsung has seldom taken the form bought out to sell the products, the telecom of land, obviously value their brands and scale advantages while only favoring this time.

Buy out Samsung E598 for the first time

It is reported, the mobile phone type that the telecom of land of China buys out this time is Samsung E598. The insider thinks, this Samsung E598 buys out and hits telecom and a attempt on the mode of cooperating of Samsung in the land, telecom of land and cooperation of four ocean brands are being strengthened constantly in this means, this is another break-through in cooperating with foreign brand after signing and supporting the agreement with Motorola directly.

It is reported, the telecom of land of China is buying out, selling the forefront that the mobile phone respect goes straight in the trade exclusively, but it concentrate on more home-made cellphones, and is buying out cooperation with underwriting with the foreign brand relatively less, buy out products of Samsung for hitting telecom of land this time and the speech has much market meanings.

To buy out, sell this time, China land Guo, executive vice president of telecom, beautiful to show very confident while being great, the intersection of Samsung and quality and public praise of mobile phone self-evident, suddenly become world 2007 the second largest the intersection of Mobile and producer confirm this further. The telecom of land of China chooses to buy out besides considering the huge fund of lump-sum payment, the more important one is the sale of the products, these two respect centering land telecom is out of question, the strong distribution ability of China’s chain store of the telecom of land of China has guaranteed the digestion power of the stock. A relevant personage of agency company of Samsung shows, it is a kind of break-through and beginning of more large-scale cooperation to reach and buy out the agreement for both sides.

In the know personage show telecom and three stellar this kind, land of China, buy out cooperation real all buy out, there are mobile phone products of this type in sale of some odd chain stores to get rid of the other areas of China, but the one that can affirm is, the telecom of land of China buy this mobile phone in a large amount because of being disposable, the advantage that has in price is very obvious.

Brand and scale advantage are main reasons

The insider shows, Samsung, with hitting the telecom of land and reaching and buying out the cooperative agreement on E598, obviously value and hit brand and scale advantage of the telecom of land.

XiuHong Guo show telecom, land of China, advantage buy out product through autogenous channel, can achieve three win results of the producer, terminal, consumer, especially the masses of consumers, they can buy the more high mobile phone products of the cost performance at more favourable price. It is reported, before Samsung, Motorola exactly valued and hit brand and scale advantage of the telecom of land, its telecom of land while calling on in succession on the senior level, discuss that further expands the cooperative matters.

"Brand and scale terminal in store compete for the dominant assurance, telecom stores of land of China spread all over all over China, the chain is large-scale, having occupied significant market share, and there is strong advertisement to throw in and propagate and support on every large TV station, newspaper, radio station in the telecom of middle land, we try in preliminary cooperation on of buying out with middle the intersection of land and telecom this time, it was their brands and scale advantages that was settled on. " The relevant personage of Samsung is referring to this time the product shows so while buying out.

XiuHong Guo reveal, discuss products support direct and producer of underwriting small number with middle the intersection of land and telecom at present, the telecom of land of China will fully consider their influence of brand, characteristic of the products, selling point and market appeal, and after subdividing the consuming groups of the goal and working out the feasibility report, and then make next buying out the plan.