Dan Pederseng
April 24, 2011
Haier exports the refrigerator to the native country in the capacity of global brand for the first time

Refrigerator list on China sale recently to open. This designed advanced refrigerator brand products approved for the American market specially, the initiative was realized by Haier American factory to Chinese market ” Import original packagingly ” . The insider thinks, the refrigerator of Haier which U.S.A. makes enters China, ” imports ” for the first time as China Invention of the independent brand.

Though China has made over 1/ 3 of the electrical home appliances products in the world, the output of 28 kinds of household electrical appliances of its occupies first place in the world, but is in the end of the value chain for a long time. Because lack one’s own world-class brand, make oneself already become the low priced processing factory of every brand of the world, also become the pronouns of the anti-dumping, low added value in the whole world repeatedly. So, Haier is poecilothermal to opening from what U.S.A. imports the refrigerator is not imported of ordinary products, bigger meaning lies in Haier has the ability to finish the samsara of the new round of global value chain of Chinese household appliances enterprise: Become genuine world famous brand, create as genuine China.

When global enterprises all transfer manufacture base to China, Haier is the reason why from the not dominant imported products of U.S.A. of cost, because there are 7 domains run in the whole world independently in Haier, there is every domain to global integration of the resources, shares and more assigned global strategy and ability. This time import the products from U.S.A., it is the results of Haier China district and information exchange of American district. In fact, even if the general headquarters of China district do not provide information for U.S.A. district, the general headquarters of U.S.A. district will export the poecilothermal refrigerator to opening the door to other domains including China. Because ” U.S.A. makes ” , ” Thailand makes ” Wait for Haier refrigerator products in all parts of the world to have very great differences, so, concentrating on introducing on to China neither will present the situation of competing for by oneself, will make Haier’s brand obtain more user resources instead.

Observe personages to point out, export from the products that are made by the native country of China abroad, to output the products to the native country of China in the capacity of global brand, by providing latest products and the latest life style of transmission for Chinese consumer, this that Haier creates out ” Make the transition ” Act,since 30 years of reforming and opening up to the world, it make China creating, Chinese brand in the whole world, in one of epitomes that brands global march towards with vigorous strides.